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After the introduction and fundamentals of plastics engineering, IKT offers courses in the fields of material engineering, processing technology and product engineering.

Exam schedule

Please note the current information from the University of Stuttgart.

Dates of exams will be announced in the respective lecture and on CAMPUS. For oral exams, the registration and scheduling will be done directly with the lecturer.

IKT offers the lectures shown below. The supplementary subjects are summarized in a nutshell for the respective main topics. For more detailed descriptions and dates, please refer to CAMPUS.

Core subject

Plastic Engineering - Introduction and Fundamentals

Start: WiSe
ECTS: 6 credits

Supplementary subjects

Characterization and testing of polymers and plastics WiSe 3 credits
Plastic processing and recycling WiSe 3 credits
Plastics in medical technology SoSe 3 credits
Flow properties of plastic melts - rheology of plastics WiSe 3 credits


Processing Technology I SoSe 3 credits
Processing Technology II SoSe 3 credits
Simulation in Processing Technology SoSe 3 credits
Flow properties of plastic melts - rheology of plastics WiSe 3 credits


Construction with plastics SoSe 6 credits
Technology management for plastic products SoSe 3 credits


Non-destructive testing methods WiSe/SoSe 6 credits
Fiber plastic composites WiSe/SoSe 3 credits


Practical Course

Practical course in polymer technology

Start: WiSe
ECTS: 3 credits


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Elisete Pedrollo

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Marius Reitinger


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