Institut für Kunststofftechnik

IKT is one of the oldest institutes of its kind and works across the entire spectrum of plastics engineering.

Definition of plastics technology

A plastics engineer focuses on plastic products. Plastics engineering concentrates on the interaction between material, process and product, in order to increase manufacturability and usability properties, intenting to create innovative plastic products which are ressource efficient and marketable. Thus, plastics technology does not only comprehend finished and semi-finished plastic products, but also the converting of polymer into a usable plastic, the processing and manufacturing of plastics into usable products and the development of necessary machines, procedures and development processes.  

(According to "Wissenschaftlicher Arbeitskreis der Kunststofftechnik", WAK)

Departments of the Institute

The expertise of the Institut für Kunststofftechnik comprises the entire field of plastics technology: material engineering, processing technology (mechanical and process engineering) and product engineering.

Department heads

This image shows Wolfgang Essig

Wolfgang Essig


Head of Department Product engineering

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