Institut für Kunststofftechnik

The teaching at IKT serves the scientifically founded transfer of knowledge gained through research. For example, IKT offers current lectures, exercises and laboratory internships and offers students the opportunity to participate in current research topics.

The academic teaching at the Institut für Kunststofftechnik conveys scientific fundamentals gained through research (educational ideal of Alexander Humboldt). Up-to-date lectures, tasks and lab internships, and especially the cooperation of students in current research projects, either as student assistants or during student research projects, a bachelor or a master thesis, ensure this high quality of studies.

Students get to know the entire expanse of plastic engineering at the module „Plastic Engineering - Introduction and Fundamentals". The master programm program comprises the fields of Material Engineering, Process Technology and Product Engineering, enabling the students to acquire profound knowledge of these fields.

Office hours

Pfaffenwaldring 32, 3rd floor, office 207:
monday: 2 pm - 4 pm
wednesday: 2 pm - 4 pm
friday 9 am - 11 am

Students are welcome to inquire our student advisors about bachelor theses, student research projects, master theses, student jobs or currently offered excursions to industrial partners. For further information, please use the links on this page. Come visit us!


Master theses of the full academic study program at the University of Stuttgart are demanding and may differ from master theses at other universities. In Stuttgart, students have to be able to work independently. In addition, as a basis principle, every student will be tested whether he is able to work in an independent scientific position (e.g. PhD), even if he does not aspire to it.

This exam requires particularly close supervision at the respective institute. An increasing number of bachelor students from other universities transferring to the University of Stuttgart in order to complete the more ambitous master study program, many professors decided not to supervise any master studies beyond their own institutes, so that the quality of a master thesis of the full academic study program may be maintained.


This image shows Marcel Ratka

Marcel Ratka

M. Sc.

Research associate

This image shows Ann-Christin Rusko

Ann-Christin Rusko


Research associate

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